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Paid Clinical Trials Marketing
Suren Manik

Paid Clinical Trials Marketing Leader with AI expertise. I have successfully delivered over 120 digital patient recruitment projects in over 35 countries. SME in Virtual & Site based patient recruitment.As a forward-thinking leader in the field of Paid Clinical Trials Marketing, I excel in propelling digitally-driven growth for enterprises within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. My acumen in blending digital strategies with groundbreaking innovation and artificial intelligence sets the stage for substantial revenue enhancement and the breaking down of barriers to facilitate business scaling.With an extensive background spanning nearly two decades in digital marketing, I am adept at nurturing digital talent, fostering data-driven growth, enhancing digital infrastructures, and steering comprehensive digital transformation endeavours.When I'm not in work mode, you'll find me on an endless quest for the world's hidden treasures. As a travel content creator with a 25K+ following on social media, I love to share the flavours, sights and sounds of my adventures. So far, I've set foot in 88 countries and still counting. I'm also a certified drone pilot who loves to capture nature's beauty from the skies.If you're interested in delving deeper into my professional journey, leadership insights, and perspectives on Paid Clinical Trials Marketing, connect with me on LinkedIn I regularly post updates on the latest trends, share reflections on my previous experiences, and explore cutting-edge AI strategies in the area of Paid Clinical Trials Marketing

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